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Our Story

A group of individuals with different skill sets all had one thing in common…” belief that CBD can change the lives of many”. Therefore, they all agreed to form a new company, a woman owned company, Specialty Compounds LLC. Two of the individuals are pharmacists. The first individual Gary Nephew, maintaining a PharmD in pharmacology, has been researching CBD uses long before the product was even on anyone’s radar. Gary continued his academic research of the product and compounds CBD today for children’s seizures, and other uses. Both Gary and his wife, Sara who is also a pharmacist, have a very impressive reputation with hospitals and doctors.

The other individuals involved were three people that had personal pain/anxiety issues that CBD solved. They all have become ardent advocates for CBD and its use.  These three have found that there is a very inconsistent performance from the various brands of CBD in the marketplace. Gary and Sara helped them understand it is primarily a function of bioavailability or concentration of CBD, which we will address in a bit.

The last individual, Jessica Losee has had experience with every phase of growing hemp to extracting the CBD oil, to formulating the various compounds. Being a business owner for over 10 years, she can be found in all the day to day operations here at SOLUBL.

These individuals all came together and created SOLUBL, located in Syracuse, Indiana. The group of individuals agreed that before they launched any CBD product offering, they wanted to make it better than the vast majority of the products in the marketplace.

Gary and Sara with their in depth understanding of CBD, decided that the biggest advancement could be made in dealing with the “bioavailability” of CBD. CBD is an oil. The body is 60-70% water. Water and oil do not mix. Therefore, most CBD products either are oil based or do not have the right amount of CBD to have the efficacy needed to get the results desired. SOLUBL's pharmacists created a unique water-based CBD formulation for greater bioavailability which greatly enhances absorption, improves efficacy, and ultimately gives consumers confidence that the product works. The product development continues by using various terpenes, essential oils, etc. to provide the best fast acting formulation for the specific use. Generally, the “’topicals” are used for localized pain and inflammation. Gummies are commonly used for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. SOLUBL's Gummies and Capsules are ideal since the dosage levels are exact with each unit. Water-based CBD works, experience the difference with SOLUBL!

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