GUMMIES : Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, GI Issues. TOPICALS : Muscle and Joint Pain, Arthritis, and Neuropathy.

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Close up of hemp plant with bullet points about what sets SOLUBL apart.

Our Story

How It All Began

A New Standard in CBD Wellness

SOLUBL was founded by pharmacists Sara and Gary Nephew, PharmD, in partnership with Jessie and Joe Losee, with a mission to transform the CBD market. They combined their expertise in pharmaceuticals with a passion for natural wellness to create a line of effective, high-quality products.

Our Journey

From Visionaries to Industry Leaders

From our early days, SOLUBL has grown into a prominent name in the CBD industry. Our journey has been one of continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence in creating products that truly benefit our customers.

Looking Ahead

Excited for Future Growth and Wellness

Looking forward, we are eager to continue our mission of leading the CBD industry and exploring new opportunities to serve our community with innovative wellness solutions and outstanding service.

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